JS13k 2015 - desreveR


I recently Participated in the 2015 "JavaScript 13k", the theme was "Reversed" and you can checkout my submission "desreveR" here!

The repository is available here: js13k-2015

Overall this compo was much more challenging than I had imagined, I chose a super simple one button target goal and still had difficulty getting all the polish on it within the allotted budget. For those not familiar the JS13k is a yearly game jam with the restriction of submissions need to weigh in under 13 kilobytes. Precisely 13,312 bytes of data... and my submission this year:

13,309 bytes


My plan initially was to utilize this competition as an excuse to experiment for my first time with browser game dev, and also to have a formal reason to play with ECMA Script 6. Take a look at some of the tech I used:

  • ES6
  • Babel
  • Browserify
  • npm
  • gulp
  • jsfxr
  • SoftSynth

I started by automating my build process, to transpile my ES6 into standard ES5, walk my modular dependencies, concatenate, compile and minify my source. And after all of this was done, assemble a build and zip it for delivery.

Doing this with gulp turned out to be quite cumbersome for my first gulp experience, but once I got the hang of things it really saved me a lot of time by automating my compression. I also went the extra step to have my build output unminified, minified, and zipped build sizes on completion so I had an idea where I stood.

In the end I would have liked the background images to have been higher resolution, but camera shake and music put me well over the 13k budget and I needed to compensate somewhere. Programatically generating both the sound effects and the background music was also a HUGE godsend! without those tools I was well over 20 kilobytes compressed. All in all this was a great learning experience and I am looking forward to next months 1GAM product!